Lincoln CBMC Golf Classic, June 26, 2014.

Roy Helu, Jr. - 2014 Lincoln CBMC Golf Classic. from CBMC Lincoln on Vimeo.

 Roy Helu

From the Ghetto to the Board Room: God's Plans and Favor for My Life - Ron Hampton from CBMC Lincoln on Vimeo.

Reaching A Businessman

  Check out the video of our 2013 Golf Classic and be sure to read comments from those who golfed.

Michael: "Thank you. I had a great time playing golf for the first time! One of my team members, who was teaching me, followed up with me and we are meeting for a coffee and a conversation this week."

Josh: "Great event-Speaker!!"

Deb: "I really liked the message and wish our 2 boys had been there to hear the message."

Garrick: "I enjoyed last Monday's scramble event. I enjoyed getting to know our Polish team member."

Robert: "Great message."


Brett Byford from CBMC Lincoln on Vimeo.

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