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Welcome! Lincoln CBMC exists for your benefit.

It is our purpose and intent to help you -- in your role in business and the marketplace -- to be all God designed you to be!

As our name declares we want you connected:

  • Connected in a vital way to Jesus Christ.
  • Connected with other committed Christians in the marketplace 


  • Connected to a grand vision for your life and impact in your sphere in the workplace

“Peer Advisory Groups”, part of the CBMC Leadership Institute, are a confidential process of creating a community of like-minded business leaders that seek to operate their businesses in a way that glorifies God. This video depicts some highlights from a typical (but not actual) monthly meeting and individual comments from several members.

To see how you might benefit from a Peer Advisory Group, contact Ed Nix of CBMC Lincoln at 402.730.8797 or

2019 Lincoln CBMC Golf Classic – Highlights from event and luncheon message from Roy Helu, Jr. (5 minutes)
Over 150 people came to the luncheon and heard former Husker and NFL running back, Roy Helu, Jr. share his personal story of how God impacted his life, sports career and family life.

2019 Lincoln CBMC Golf Classic – Luncheon message from Roy Helu, Jr.

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