Our Vision as CBMC Lincoln is a transformed world through the development of Marketplace Ambassadors for Christ, beginning in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Our Mission is to reach and equip business professionals to live their daily lives centered in Christ.

Our prayer and hearts' desire is an ever growing movement of transformation within the Lincoln business community prompted by thousands of transformed business and professional leaders and hundreds of Christian-led businesses.

Our strategy engages two complimentary streams of ministry.

 * We equip business leaders through Peer Advisory Groups, in which business owners, leaders and managers are equipped to lead lives and businesses which honor Christ and help build His Kingdom.

 * We equip business and professional individuals as Marketplace Ambassadors.

We seek to accomplish this through three levels of activity.

1. Engage and connect (outreaches, networking, 1-1's)

2. Envision and invite (purposeful small group studies on leadership, integrity, integrated life, Business by the Book, etc)

3. Mentor and multiply (through committed membership in a Forum or Executive Roundtable, a C3/MA Group, in 1-1 mentoring and at invitation-only events)