For most of your life, you’ve likely witnessed it: some people are content to remain at their current level of understanding, education, even spiritual development and maturity. It’s observable in any facet of life where growth is possible. At some point, for some, growth becomes “optional” – even though that’s not an option in Scripture. So there they sit, seemingly in a recliner, on a plateau. It might be on the job, in their marriage, in the spiritual life and the like.

Others though, seem to always have a book at hand or they’re telling you about something they’ve just learned or implemented. They might be the person who always seems ready for another sharpening relationship, more input or an app they can download and put to use.

What’s observable in the attitudes and practices of people who grow and keep growing?

1. Growing people have a plan to grow.

Their plan may not be complicated. It might be as simple as a bucket list, joining a group study, a book list or a gym membership. Streaming entertainment excites them much less than personal interaction. They know the truth of “iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.” They much prefer face time to Facebook and thought-provoking discussion to quoting sound bites.

2. Growing people have growing friends.

They associate with others who aren’t content with the status quo in their own lives or work or businesses. They attract the kind of people who also engage in thought and learn new skills. They pursue health or investment or business goals together. They practice mutual challenge and encouragement and accountability.

3. Growing people take advantage of growth resources.

Invariably, growing people are readers. They’ll often have a book or device at hand, so when they’re waiting, they’re reading. They go to conferences, engage a mentor or take a class. They study areas not associated with their profession. They read select tweets and blogs. They listen deeply, learn intuitively and pass on what they’re learning!

4. Growing people practice growth habits even when they’re not motivated.

Motivation slows, even for growth-oriented people. But they know that growth isn’t an option. They’ve experienced that when growth ceases, the downward slide begins. People committed to growth understand that daily habits and small steps will both keep them moving forward and kick-start their motivation again.

You likely wouldn’t be reading this if you weren’t committed to your own growth. Lincoln CBMC is committed to your development and growth as a Christian in the marketplace. Contact us if you’re ready to connect within a Peer Advisory Group or growth relationship with a mentor.