Neil Cole asserts that contemporary evangelism has focused on "the conversation" over the gospel or having “correct answers” to defend our beliefs. In Jesus' pattern though, he says keys to sharing the gospel are:

  • Time and availability. Relationships that are significant take time. One of the reasons our evangelism is often minimally effective is because we are more interested in rationally conveying a message than we are at truly getting to know people and letting them know us.
  • A transformed life. The new life we have in Christ is contagious. This is what the world is dying to have and rarely gets to see.
  • Hospitality. Our changed life and kingdom values will best be seen in our everyday life. Practicing hospitality is a powerful way to bridge into deeper relationships where others can see our life in Christ.
  • Spiritual intuition. This requires listening carefully, to others and to the Holy Spirit. Rather than relying on a canned presentation of the Gospel that is used every time, listen to others and to the promptings of God's Spirit and you will see more fruit in evangelism. Everybody is unique, and the Spirit knows what the core longings of each person's soul are.
  • Generosity. There are few character traits that stand out in this world more than a generous heart. People are drawn to someone who gives freely and cheerfully.

One of the newer resources CBMC offers is a study of the attributes of a marketplace ambassador.

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